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The Call of the Wild

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Jack London's Call of the Wild, 127 pp. (First published 1903).
Buck, who is shipped to the Klondike to be trained as a sled dog, eventually reverts to his primitive, wolf-like ancestry. He then undertakes an almost mythical journey, abandoning the safety of his familiar world to encounter danger, adventure, and fantasy. When he is transformed into the legendary Ghost Dog of the Klondike, he becomes a true hero.
Source: Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Books - The books listed below are in branches of the Sonoma County Library.

Online - Internet access to stories by Jack London and some of the authors below - see the Digital Book Index website.

FICTION - Find them in the Fiction section by author's last name

Doig, Ivan. Bucking the sun.

Doig, Ivan. The sea runners.

London, Jack. Klondike tales.

London, Jack. The son of the wolf: Tales from the far north.

London, Jack. White fang. Considered the sequel to Call of the wild; a dog is rescued from a cruel owner.

Michener, James A. Alaska.

Parry, Richard. The winter wolf: Wyatt Earp in Alaska.

Parry, Richard. The wolf's cub.

Parry, Richard. The wolf's pack.

Straley, John. Cold water burning.

MYSTERIES (M) - Find them in the Mystery section (M) by author's last name

Henry, Sue. Beneath the ashes: An Alaska mystery.

Henry, Sue. Cold company.

Henry, Sue. Dead north.

Stabenow, Dana. Better to rest: a Liam Campbell mystery.

Stabenow, Dana. A fine and bitter snow: a Kate Shugak novel.

Straley, John. The angels will not care.

Straley, John. Death and the language of happiness.

Straley, John. The music of what happens.

Straley, John. The curious eat themselves.

Straley, John. The woman who married a bear.

SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS (SC) - Find it in the Short Story Collections section

SC Great Great Tales of the Gold Rush. Stories of romance and adventure in Alaska and the Yukon written by authors of the time.

WESTERN (W) - Find them in the Western section (W) by author's last name

Brand, Max. Chinook: A north-western story.

Brand, Max. Sixteen in Nome: A north-western story.

Cushman, Dan. In Alaska with Shipwreck Kelly: A north-western story.

NON-FICTION - Find them in the Non-Fiction section by Dewey Decimal call number

This list includes background information about the people, places, and things encountered in The Call of the Wild including Alaska, the Yukon, wolves, dogs, and, gold seekers.

599.74442 Gibson, Nancy. Wolves.

599.74442 Wolves of the high Arctic.

599.773 Wolf: Spirit of the wild, a celebration of wolves.

636.7 Murphy, Claire Rudolf. Gold rush dogs.

636.7 Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall. The hidden life of dogs.

798.8 Balzar, John. Yukon alone: The world's toughest adventure race.

798.8092 Paulson, Gary. Winter dance: The madness of running the Iditarod.

798.83 Cook, Ann Mariah. Running north: A Yukon adventure.

811.54 Service, Robert W. (Robert William). The best of Robert Service.

818 Lundquist, James. Jack London, adventures, ideas, and fiction.

821 Service, Robert W. (Robert William). Spell of the Yukon.

917.19 Bolotin, Norman. A Klondike scrapbook: Ordinary people, extraordinary times.

917.19 Wells, E. Hazard. Magnificence and Misery: A first-hand account of the 1897 Klondike gold rush.

917.98 Scott, Alastair. Tracks across Alaska: A dog sled journey.

917.9804 Jenkins, Peter. Looking for Alaska.

917.9804 Krakauer, Jon. Into the wild.

971.91 Shape, William. Faith of fools: A journal of the Klondike gold rush.

971.97 Washburn, Tahoe Talbot. Under Polaris: An arctic quest.

979.8 Alaska: Tales of adventure from the last frontier.

979.834 Berton, Pierre. Klondike: The last great gold rush, 1896-1899.