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Sonoma County Reads 2006 - Zorro

Read-alike List

Suggested fiction for young adults - in YA section

Hobbs Ghost canoe
Little Last snake runner
Luceno Mask of Zorro (YAP)
Peck The river between us

Suggested non-fiction for kids and teens - in children's area

J 305.8 Strom Uncertain roads: searching for the gypsies
J 394.2 Ancona Fiesta U.S.A.
CS J 398 Eells Tales of enchantment from Spain
J 398 Sawyer Picture tales from Spain
J 398.2 Ada Three golden oranges
J 398.2 Araujo Nekane, the lamina and the bear
J 398.2 Bierhorst People with five fingers
J 398.2 Curry Back in the beforetime
J 398.2 Heyer The girl, the fish and the crown
J 398.2 Kimmel Squash it!
J 398.2 Stewig Princess Florecita and the iron shoes
J 398.21 Vernon The riddle
J 566 Thompson Death trap: the story of the LaBrea Tar Pits
J 623.89 Morrison Coast mappers
J 745 Salinas Indo-Hispanic folk art traditions
J 811.5 Bruchac Thirteen moons on a turtle's back
J 862 Winther Plays from Hispanic tales
J 904 Ross Pirates: the story of buccaneers, brigands, corsairs...
J 970.004 Wolfson From earth to beyond the sky
J 970.3 Bonvillain Native American medicine
J 970.3   Native ways: California Indian stories and memories
J 970.3 Williams Tongva of California
J 978 Freedman In the days of the vaqueros: America's first true cowboys
J 979 Marrin Empires lost and won: the Spanish heritage in the Southwest
J 979 Stein In the Spanish West
J 979.2 Bial Missions and presidios
J 979.4 Ansary People of California
J 979.4 Doak Voices from Colonial America: California 1542-1850
J 979.4 Knill Dos Californios ... annals of Alta California
J 979.4 McGinty San Gabriel Arcangel
J 979.4 MacMillan Missions of the Los Angeles area
J 979.4 Mora Californios: the saga of the hard-riding vaqueros
J 979.4 Staeger Spanish missions of California
J 979.4 Wills Historical album of California
J 979.402 Keremitsis Life in a California mission
J 979.402 Reinstedt Tales and treasures of California's ranchos
J B Alvarado Alvarado Rancho boy, Juan Alvarado
J B Arguello y Moraga Alvarado To fly with the swallows: a story of old California
J B Juana Mora Library for Juana: the world of Sor Juana Ines
J B Lafitte Tallant The pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New  Orleans
J B Serra Genet Serra: the founder of California missions
J B Villa O'Brien Pancho Villa
J B Villa Stein Pancho Villa: Mexican revolutionary hero
J B Zapata Ragan Emiliano Zapata

Bilingual non-fiction - in Spanish section in children's area

J Sp 394.2 Perl Piñatas and paperflowers
J Sp 398.2 Ada Medio-pollito - Half-chicken
J Sp 398.2 Ata Baby rattlesnake
J Sp 398.2 Hayes Little Gold Star: a Cinderella cuento
J Sp 398.2 Hayes Pajaro Verde- the green bird
J Sp 398.2 Hayes Watch out for clever women!
J Sp 979.4   California's Hispanic roots for kids



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