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Sonoma County Reads / The Big Read 2007

Fahrenheit 451 Read-alike List - Suggested books for adults

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray BradburyFICTION

  Binchy Evening class
  Duong Beyond illusions
  Fforde The Eyre affair
  Forsyth Day of the jackal
  Golding Lord of the flies
  Grushin Dream life of Sukhanov
  Harris Fatherland
  Huxley Brave new world
  Kafka The trial
  Keneally The tyrant’s novel
  Legendre The burning: a novel
  Lewis It can’t happen here
  Muller Land of green plums
  Nicholson Bedlam burning
  O’Brian Eclipse of the sun
  Orwell Animal Farm
  Orwell 1984
  Osler Rankin: enemy of the state
  Pottinger A slow burning
  Stirling T2: infiltrator
  Walker Alice Walker banned
  Yi Our twisted hero
  Zamyatin We


  Stabenow Play with fire


  Lackey Brightly burning
  Odom The destruction of the books


  025.21 Reichman Censorship and selection
  027.009 Battles Library: an unquiet history
  028.8 Book The book that changed my life
  028.9 Basbanes Every book its reader
  028.9 Burns Joy of books: confessions of a lifelong reader
  028.9 Lesses Nothing remains the same
  070.5 Schiffrin Business of books
  098 Bosmajian Burning books
  302.2 Basbanes Splendor of letters
  302.23 Chomsky Necessary illusions
  302.23 You You are being lied to
  303.3 Heins Not in front of the children
  303.376 Netzley Issues in Censorship
  323.044 Mitchell Agents of atrocity
  323.445 Censored Censored 2007
  327.73 Chomsky Hegemony or survival
  342.7308 Barbour Free speech
  363.31 Burns Censorship
  363.31 Coetzee Giving offense
  363.31 McGwire Censorship: changing attitudes, 1900-2000
  363.31 West Trust your children
  363.4702 White Virtually obscene
  371.32 Ravitch The language police
  379.156 DelFattore What Johnny shouldn’t read
  398.2 Chinen Beyond the hero
  536.71 VonBaeyer Maxwell’s demon
  628.92 Rossotti Fire
  628.925 Shrader Fire fighting
  741.5941 Moore V for Vendetta
  808.02 Bradbury Zen in the art of writing
  808.882 Quotable Quotable book lover
  810.9 Culleton Joyce and the G-men
  811 Howl Howl on trial
  813 Bradbury Ray Bradbury
  823 Tharoor Bookless in Baghdad
  823.914 For For Rushdie: essays by Arab and Muslim writers
  831.6 Goethe Erotic poems
  840.9007 Ladonson Dirt for art’s sake
  891.4417 Deen The crescent and the pen
  940.5315 Lange Impounded
  949.8 Manea On clowns: the dictator and the artist
  B Blair Burning down my master’s house
  B Bradbury by Weller Bradbury Chronicles
  B Rushdie by Weatherby     Salman Rushdie: sentenced   to death
  B Smith A song for Mary
  B Solzhenitsyn by Thomas   Alexander Solzhenitsyn