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Sonoma County Reads / The Big Read 2008

To Kill a Mockingbird Read-alike List - Suggested books for children

EASY BOOKSTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

E Bradby

Momma, where are you from?

E Bradby

More than anything else

E Flournoy

Patchwork quilt

E Grifalconi

Tiny’s hat

E Howard

Virgie goes to school with us boys

E Lindsay

Sweet potato pie

E Littlesugar

Tree of hope

E Miller

Richard Wright and the library card

E Raven

Circle unbroken: the story of a basket and its people

E Stauffacher

Bessie Smith and the night-riders


JFC Rosales

Minnie saves the day

J Armstrong


J  Curtis

Bud, not Buddy

J Dudley

Bicycle man

J Fugua


J Harrington

Going north

J Hoobler

1920’s: luck

J McKissack

Color me dark: the diary of Nellie Lee Love

J McKissack

Porch lies

J McKissack

Song for Harlem

J Rubright

Mama’s window

J Taylor

Gold Cadillac

J Taylor

Let the circle be unbroken

J Taylor

Mississippi bridge

J Taylor

Roll of thunder, hear my cry

J Taylor

The well: David’s story

J Vander Zee

Mississippi morning

J Weatherford

Dear Mr. Rosenwald

J Wiles

Each little bird that sings

J Young

Learning by heart


J 398 McKissack

The dark thirty

J 398 Van Laan

With a hoop and a holler: a bushel of lore from the South

J 398.2 Hamilton

When birds could talk and bats could sing

J 398.2  Lester

Brer  Rabbit stories: 4 vols.

J 398.2 Reneaux

How animals saved the people: animal tales from the South

J 398.2 San Souci

Sukey and the mermaid

J 398.2  San Souci

Sister tricksters: rollicking tales of clever females


J 304.8 Haskins

Out of the darkness: the story of blacks moving North, 1890-1940

J 305.89 George

Life under Jim Crow laws

J 331.88  McKissack

A long  hard journey: the story of the Pullman porter

J 759.13  Igus

Going back home: an artist returns to the South

J 810.8 Hudson

Powerful words

J 811 Myers

Blues journey

J 973 Rappaport

Free  at  last!: stories and songs of the Emancipation

J 973.04 Haskins

Geography of hope: Black exodus from the South after Reconstruction

J 973.04

Kids explore America’s African American heritage

J 973.04 Morris

Grandma Lois remembers: an African American family

J B Bethune

 Mary McLeod Bethune: a great teacher

J B DuBois

 W.E.B. DuBois

J B Garvey

 Marcus Garvey: Black Nationalist

J B Hurston

 Sorrow’s kitchen: the life and folklore of Zora Neale Hurston

J B Hurston

 Zora Neale Hurston: Southern storyteller

J B Woodson

 Carter G. Woodson: the father of Black history