Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to:
Organize and provide access to information and universal knowledge,
protect intellectual freedom,
and promote the value and joy of reading,
in order to enrich the lives of the people of our community.


The Sonoma County Library will maintain its reputation for top-quality public service. It is known in the community as the place to go for knowledgeable, friendly assistance, whether you want to find information, explore your cultural heritage, pursue a hobby or interest, stimulate your child's interest in reading and literature, access the Internet, advance your studies, improve your literacy, find a good book, access the archives, or use the many other Library resources and services. 


Public Service

  • Provide friendly and accessible service.
    • Create a comfortable environment.
      • Offer excellent collections and resources.
  • Treat patrons with dignity, respect, and enthusiasm.
  • Be responsive to the needs of the community.

Intellectual Freedom

  • Provide access to a full range of information.
  • Offer materials that provide different points of view, allowing for full and open presentation of issues in our democratic society.

Human Resources

  • Treat each other with dignity, respect, fairness, and courtesy.
  • Provide information, delegate authority, and support staff.
  • Value employees' experience, skills, knowledge, and commitment to the Library's mission.


  • Commit to excellence.
  • Encourage creativity and flexibility.
  • Promote ethical practices.
  • Provide ongoing education and development for all staff.


  • Make the most effective use of public funds.
  • Be accountable at all levels to the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Sonoma County Library System.