Bo Simons, the Sonoma County Wine Librarian, sent SCL Biz this:
This morning, in The Press Democrat, Columnist Chris Smith talked about a rather nasty article in the Conde Nast Traveler about celebrities and wine, by Alan Richman, who takes swipes at Santa Rosa and the Smothers Brothers, among others. That article that Chris was so vexed about is now indexed in, and you can read “Drunk With Power“, as well dozens of other, less caustic articles about celebrities and wine, and thousands of articles about the more serious business and technology and history of wine, both here on the North Coast, and throughout the world.

The Sonoma County Wine Library is a special service and collection of the Sonoma County Library, the collection comprising 5,000 books on wine and related subjects, subscriptions and backfiles to over 80 wine-related periodicals. For a list of the Wine Library periodicals and all of our business-related magazines & newspapers, visit the SCL Biz Guide to Newspapers & Periodicals.