The Library has many books to help job applicants write resumes and cover letters and to prepare for interviews, but here are two for the other side of the desk:

  • The Manager’s Book of Questions: 1,001 great interview questions for hiring the best person, by John Kador, McGraw-Hill, 2006, will help an employer prepare interview questions. Entry level positions, IT, general or sales management positions, and more – Kador covers them all for you.
  • The Interviewer’s Handbook: successful interviewing techniques for the workplace, by Sandra Bunting, published by Kogan Page, 2007, “… explains the subtleties of interviewing including what types of questions to ask, how to take accurate notes without interfering in the interview, effective listening, and how to read body language. She gives interview approaches, a ten-point interview checklist and insight into the interview process, leading to specifics on a range of interviews, including job analysis, design of work, exit, selection, recruitment (including over the Internet), performance appraisal (including pay issues), attendance and absence management, discipline and grievance management, and accident investigation.”

For more on hiring the best employees, and legally firing when you have to.