It is hard to accept, but violence in the workplace has become a reality. Understanding Workplace Violence: A Guide for Managers And Employees, by Michele A. Paludi, Praeger, 2006, “is a thoughtful and measured practicum from which to observe and handle workplace events, which, unfortunately, are escalating. The statistics stupefy; according to a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey, 58 percent of those surveyed report managerial threats by disgruntled employees, 17 percent report intentional and malicious computer virus downloading by associates, and 10 percent are victims of product tampering. Her plea for corporate policies, training, and heightened awareness and actions is communicated through actual case histories, occasional interviews with experts and field HR professionals, plus ready-to-use statements, procedures, and other tools.” Booklist, Jan 2007.

See the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) website on Workplace Violence for help with hazard awareness and possible solutions; the Library also has more on violence in the workplace.