The June 25th issue of North Bay Business Journal includes a supplement with fascinating articles about this year’s nine winners. Meet Laura Alber, President of Williams-Sonoma and Keynote Speaker; Linda Pinkard, President & CEO of First Community Bank; Liz Ellis, Founder & President of Green Valley Consulting Engineers; Patty Garbarino, President of Marin Sanitary Services; and the other women who inspire all of us.

Then read Ann M. Holmes new book, There’s a Business in Every Woman: A 7-step Guide to Discovering, Starting, And Building the Business of Your Dreams, Ballantine Books, 2007, “is for women who never dreamed of becoming CEOs of their own companies. Holmes, a successful entrepreneur, offers seven necessary steps to achieving a stable, enduring businesses, which she developed through interviews of 80 women entrepreneurs to learn of their experiences as they began, developed, and profitably exited their own businesses.”

We have more material in the SCL Biz Guide to Women in Business.