Fortune Magazine published its annual list of the 500 largest companies in the world in the July 23, 2007 issue. The list includes this year’s and last year’s ranking, country, 2006 revenues and changes from 2005, along with the top twenty ‘biggest’, ‘fastest’, leanest’. There is also a list of the 50 largest global employers. #1 on both lists? Wal-Mart: 1,900,000 employees and $351,139,000,000 revenue in 2006. The online version of the list will also show you the top performers & biggest losers, women CEOs, companies by country, etc.

market-share.jpgThe Library has a subscription to the Market Share Reporter, a Thomson-Gale publication, that covers both international and U.S. market shares with over 3,600 entries, each with a descriptive title, data and market description, list of producers/products with their market share, numerous graphics, and more. Arranged by SIC code, with indexes by company name, place name, brands, and products, this is a very detailed source. Want to know the top grocery stores in California? Raley’s (17.9% share), Albertsons (13.5%). Top grocery stores in Romania? Metro (17.9%), Rewe (7.1%), Carrefour (2.4%).