SCL Biz heard about a communication device on the Clark Howard Show (a nationally syndicated consumer information radio program broadcast locally on KSRO) that is of special interest to anyone who doesn’t have Internet connections. The printer is called a Presto, sold by Hewlitt-Packard, and through a regular phone line it will allow you to receive email and photos – no computer or online access needed.

How wonderful to find, in a Press Democrat article on August 16, that the Presto was invented by Martin Mazner – a resident of our own Franz Valley. Here’s part of what Clark Howard had to say about it in his show notes: “It’s a simple device that prints out photos and email automatically, three times a day. It’s like having the mailman come several times every day. Clark got one for his 83-year old mom for her to get photos, emails and calls from family without touching a computer. This is such a wonderful, simple device.”

Congratulations to Mr. Mazner! If you have an idea or invention The Sawyer Center, in Santa Rosa, can help you bring it to market.