The Sonoma County Economic Development Board has created a great website to help businesses recruit employees to Sonoma County. The first website of its kind, Sonoma County Connections, brings together all of the information someone considering a move to Sonoma County would like to know [and a resource for those of us already fortunate enough to live here!] with sections on:

  • Employment & Business: Career options, Jobs & Employment, Business Information, and Chambers of Commerce
  • Housing: Communities & Neighborhoods, Housing options
  • Education & Parenting: Schools, Resources for Parents, including Childcare
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Resources for Disabled Persons, Senior Citizen Resources, and general Healthcare Resources
  • Culture: Local History, Culture & Diversity, Community Service
  • Arts & Entertainment: Music & Venues, Restaurants & Breweries, Arts & Museums, Wine & Viticulture, Movies, Shopping & Events
  • Recreation: Tourism, Sports, Outdoor Recreation
  • Living Here: Utilities, Transportation, Government