“You will be guided through every step required to open a restaurant and receive pointers about leases, concept, design and equipment, financing, hiring your personnel, menu, food production, as well as details about formalities such as taxes and licenses.

In the second half, you will learn how to operate a restaurant: how to prepare quality food, how to provide efficient service, and how to create a pleasant ambiance – and make a living. You will be treated to several bits of wisdom acquired over decades in the business: No free Come-ons, no Two-for-One coupons, no personal checks, no unproductive advertising gimmicks.”

December 8, 2007 • 8:30am – Noon
SRJC, Emeritus Hall on Elliott Avenue, Room 1597

Information & online reservations

restaurant.jpg As part of your planning for opening your own restaurant, you will find Restaurant Success by the Numbers: A Money-Guy’s Guide to Opening the Next Hot Spot, by Roger Fields, [Ten Speed Press, 2007] a valuable tool – there are no recipes here: Fields looks at the business end of eateries. Part 1, Dreaming for Success, will help you evaluate whether you are ready and able to open your own business; Part 2, Developing the Details will help with staffing, style, even how to set menu prices; and Part 3, Getting Down to Business looks at financing, advertising, and details on Opening Day.