We all like to know how we fit into the larger picture and Entrepreneur Press has a great new website that allows you to look at industry analysis for many types of businesses. For instance, let’s say you own a fitness center. You’ll find that there were 43,922 businesses in 2007, with an average revenue of $402,065, average number of employees is 14, the top performing businesses had an average revenue of $2,020,151, with an average of 56 employees. You’ll also find comparison sales benchmarks for multiple years, number of businesses by employee size, by years in business, average revenue generated per employee, and more.

Take a look at the Business Performance Dashboard for data on businesses in many categories: apparel, auto, beauty, business services, food (manufacturing, retail, restaurants), health, home (construction, maintenance, improvements), insurance, kids, laundry, media, networking, pets, real estate, recreation & fitness, retail, senior care, tech, and travel. Another fantastic, free service for small businesses from Entrepreneur Press.