Make Your Contacts Count by Baber Saavy Networking by Nirenberg
Michael Coit wrote an interesting and valuable article, “Local Networking Clubs Really Pay Off” [Press Democrat, 1/21/08], extolling the virtues of business network groups; there is also a list of our local clubs with the article.

If you’d like to make the most of the experience, try Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-How for Business and Career Success, by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon [Amacom, 2007] and Savvy Networking: 118 Fast & Effective Tips for Business Success, by Andrea R. Nierenberg [Capital Books, 2007]. Whether you are a novice and need some help with ‘netiquette’ or an accomplished networker looking for new opportunities, and some tips for remembering names, these book can help you. Learn how to leverage professional memberships, brand yourself, make a memorable entrance, make conversations flow and how to follow up – just do it, no excuses.

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