It is hard to know where to begin to describe – there is an overwhelming wealth of information available. Want to compare the electric consumption per capita in 132 countries? Which country exports the most grapes per year to the US? How many Internet Service Providers there are in 229 countries? An overview of Bermuda? A map of Estonia? The flag of Mayotte? Compare the kilometers of paved and unpaved roads around the world? If you are considering expanding your business anywhere in the world, this is an incredible resource to begin researching a country or determining where your product might find the best new markets or maybe you would just like to know that 55% of the folks in Venezuela are ‘very happy’ and 73% of those in Poland are ‘quite happy.’ claims to compare the 50 states in 3,000 categories. Topic areas include health, labor, lifestyle, trade (Texas leads in the overall value of exports, California is second, but we have the highest GSP!), crime, education, energy, transportation, etc. There is also an overview, maps, and a picture of the state flag for each state. Here’s a great opportunity for a denture maker: West Virginia has the highest percentage of people who have lost their natural teeth (42.8%).