It’s a win-win-win: help your business, help your community, and help an individual. Becoming Independent is a local organization that works with employers to place people with disabilities in jobs. BI provides job training and coaching specific to the position, and the job coach stays with the employee as long as needed, all at no cost to the employer. Still not sure if the program will work for you? There is a two-week ‘Try-Out’ program – BI pays ALL employee costs, including workers’ comp. Join the over 200 local employers who benefit from hiring productive, dependable, and diligent workers. Call Susan Heskett, Director of Employment Services, (707) 524-6602 or email her for more information.

Hidden Talent by Lengnick-Hall Hidden Talent: How Leading Companies Hire, Retain, and Benefit from People With Disabilities, edited by Mark L. Lengnick-Hall [Praeger, 2008]. “Lengnick-Hall (Univ. of Texas, San Antonio) has edited a highly readable and informative book that attempts to persuade readers of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. Although employers may be hesitant to hire disabled persons for various reasons, Lengnick-Hall and his academic and research colleagues dispel myths surrounding disabled employees, citing examples of companies that were proactive in hiring the disabled and “thrived as a result.” Choice 2007