We all know that ‘no man is an island’ and it follows that no business is unaffected by its local economic climate. The Board of Supervisors appointed an ad hoc advisory committee comprised of a broad-based group of business and community leaders known as the Sonoma County Innovation Council to oversee the development of an economic strategic plan to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in our future.

Press Democrat reporter Nathan Halvorsen, writing about the planned model [Calculated Influences, 3/3/08]: “If Sonoma County’s water supply dwindles, or energy costs double, how would it impact your job?” and the importance of assigning actual costs to problem areas to understand the economic cost/benefit of working to solve them, e.g., “The draft report predicts the county’s $18.5 billion economy would grow a half-percentage point faster every year if Latinos graduated from college at the same rate as non-Latinos. That would pump an extra $1.5 billion into the local economy over a five-year period.”

Visit the Innovation Council’s website for more information, including a recently released economic forecast, along with an opportunity to comment on the report.