Doing Business in China by Plafker Doing Business in China: How to Profit in the World’s Fastest Growing Market, Ted Plafker [Warner Business Books, 2007]. “Plafker, an 18-year veteran correspondent living in Beijing, offers advice on all aspects of breaking into and expanding business opportunities in China. Although all businesses should understand the Chinese market and its explosive growth, it is a place only for those with the patience, persistence, and resources necessary to succeed. The author gives tips and insights on the top emerging markets, rules and regulations, cultural differences, and sales and marketing strategies that differ greatly from the rest of the world. He identifies pitfalls, including ethical challenges and power and water shortages, and comments on the areas most resistant to change, which are its media, legal system, and currency, although absolute control of the currency will be difficult to maintain. There are many business books on China, but Plafker offers a unique perspective; his direct observation of the Chinese environment as a long-term resident with numerous local contacts and sources of information makes this a valuable business handbook.” Booklist, 2007.