Power of Business by CancelaIn 1992 Hispanic businesses represented a $77 billion market. In 2007, it is projected to be $300 billion—and growing. If you would like your business to have a share in this remarkable business opportunity, read The Power of Business: 7 Fundamental Keys to Unlocking the Potential of the Spanish-language Hispanic Market, by Jose Cancela [Rayo 2007]. “Cancela’s book is aimed at non-Hispanics and makes the assumption that they have no idea that this is a market worth studying. He offers ample statistical evidence to demonstrate that the opportunity is real. The author walks us through factors such as geographic dispersion, love of country, voting patterns, family values, language, culture, and buying power. He also provides information on the nuances of dialects; on this subject, although he is easy to understand, one comes away sensing that marketing to Hispanic populations is complex enough to make working with a specialist advisable.” From a Library Journal review, April 2007.