The Home Office from Hell Cure, by Landers

“Top three signs you’ve got the home office from hell:

  • Sign #3: “No, the baby doesn’t go in the playpen. Important papers go in there so the baby can’t get at them.” If you find yourself picking Cheerios out of your laptop, chasing the kids around the kitchen while conference-calling Stuttgart, and wiping peanut butter off your client’s work, then you have a Home Office From Hell.
  • Sign #2: I feel like I live at the office… wait! I do! If your workday ends two minutes before you drop into bed or you are taking 4 a.m. phone calls from sleepless clients, then you have a Home Office From Hell.
  • Sign #1: “Since you’re home all day anyway, I need a favor…” If you are picking up your wife’s laundry, driving your friend to the airport, or running errands for your neighbors in the middle of your workday, then you have a Home Office From Hell.”

For the other seven signs and help in curing your home office, read The Home Office from Hell Cure: Transform Your Underperforming, Time-sucking Homebased Business into a Runaway Success, by Jeffrey A. Landers [Entrpreneur Press 2008].

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