The Entrepreneur’s Almanac by Lynn

It is hard to believe that one book has so much information in it. The Entrepreneur’s Almanac 2008-2009: Fascinating Figures, Fundamentals and Facts You Need to Run and Grow Your Business , by Jacquelyn Lynn [Entrepreneur Press, 2007], is 413 pages of information that you can put to work for your business. There are 39 chapters: business etiquette, funding your business, human resources, marketing, choosing and pricing products, insurance, online sales, legal issues, data and cyber security, and many more. There are topic areas that are hard to find elsewhere: what to do if your the target of an anti-employer website, cost-cutting in your mailroom, what to do when tragedy strikes an employee, using public space as your work space, how to set policies on facial jewelry and body art, and much, much more.