July 2008

Spring 2008 North Bay Economic Barometer

As part of their ongoing series of economic, demographic, and industry sector reports produced to help businesses plan for growth and economic success, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board has released the newest economic barometer report.

“The purpose of the Business Barometer Report is to provide a sense of how the North Bay economy is performing, as many businesses operate across the region. The indicators selected for this report cover a broad swath of economic topics, including employment, housing and construction, and prices and inflation. This report provides a North Bay composite of Marin, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties, as well as individual information
for those counties in alphabetical order.”

Spring 2008 North Bay Economic Barometer

Bay Area Biotech Forum

“Biotech innovation continues to fuel the economy and job growth in the Bay Area. What trends will drive the future of this industry in the Bay Area and which sectors will emerge strongest? What research is driving the next wave of companies, products and jobs? What are our competitive challenges, nationally and globally? We’ll look at the progress and impact of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the investments it is making in research, facilities, training and top scientists. What will be the ripple effects for the Bay Area, leading the way in stem cell research? We’ll also discuss how biotech firms and research institutions are funding their futures in challenging economic times.

Join us for a conversation with the leaders of some of the most promising growth sectors in the Bay Area life science industry. We’ll hear about the paths they are taking to bring life changing technologies from the research bench to patients’ bedsides, and the impact this will have on the quality of life for all in the Bay Area.”

July 15, 2008 • 7:30 -10am
Hilton Hotel, 333 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco

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The Economic Stimulus Package & Your Business

You have probably received your personal stimulus check from the IRS and SCL Biz hopes your business is being stimulated by everyone spending their checks locally. You may not know that that there are also tax benefits for your business in the 2008 Economic Stimulus Package.

The Small Business Administration has an informative website with:

  • A fact sheet with highlights of the tax benefits
  • A depreciation calculator that provides an estimate of the first year depreciation available under the provisions of the Stimulus Package
  • An online seminar that summarizes the tax benefits

Small Business Administration Economic Stimulus Package

Anxiety – Can It Drive Your Business Success?

Just Enough Anxiety, by Robert H. Rosen Relieving anxiety is the subject of countless articles and books, but psychologist and leadership expert Robert H. Rosen, in his book, Just Enough Anxiety: The Hidden Driver of Business Success [Portfolio, 2008], “presents his recommendations for leaders in our rapidly changing environment to create just the right level of anxiety to manage themselves, mobilize people, maximize performance, and accelerate sustainable growth. Rosen promotes healthy anxiety, which he defines as the extra effort to accomplish an individual’s personal best, the exact amount you need to respond to danger, tackle a tough problem, or take a leap of faith. We learn that in striving to know themselves, be themselves, and challenge themselves while loving themselves, leaders and individuals can use anxiety as a catalyst for successfully functioning and reaching their potential in our complex and uncertain world. An excellent book.” Booklist Reviews, 2008.

Writing Effective & Useful Business Plans – SCORE Workshop

“In this workshop, you will get a start on writing your business plan, and how it can be fun and exciting rather than tedious. A straightforward process of “telling your business story” will serve as your writing guide. You will learn about the main components of a good business plan: Position your product or service within your industry; reaching your target customers through methods of guerilla marketing; and how operations, marketing, and sales work together. Then, you’ll hear about the choices you have to legally “form” your business: sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S or C corporation. Considerable time will be spent on another crucial topic: how to convince an underwriter at a bank to fund your business. We will talk about the entire process from application to managing the loans prudently.”

July 12, 2008 • 8:30am – 12:30pm
SRJC, Emeritus Hall on Elliott Avenue, Room 1597

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Congratulations to Our Local Press

The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club recently announced its Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards and SCL Biz is pleased to share The Press Democrat award winners with you, especially Michael Coit and Mary Fricker for their business story, “Risky Loans, Broken Dreams”:

  • Editorial
    FIRST PLACE: “Karr Case: Taxpayers deserve to see results,” Press Democrat News Staff
  • Columns-News/Political
    FIRST PLACE: “Columns by Paul Gullixson,” Paul Gullixson
    THIRD PLACE: “Columns by Ann DuBay,” Ann DuBay
  • Columns-Sports
    FIRST PLACE: “Columns by Lowell Cohn,” Lowell Cohn
  • Business Story
    FIRST PLACE: “Risky Loans, Broken Dreams,” Mary Fricker, Michael Coit
  • Sports Story
    FIRST PLACE: “”Coach, I don’t know where I am:” High School Concussions,” Eric Branch
    THIRD PLACE: “A one-team town,” Bob Padecky
  • Spot News Photography
    SECOND PLACE: “Firestorms,” Kent Porter
  • Feature Photography
    THIRD PLACE: The Press Democrat, “A one-team town,” Kent Porter

Complete list of award winners

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