Bankable Business Plans by Rogoff Bankable Business Plans, by Edward G. Rogoff [Rowhouse, 2007] will help you to:

  • Understand what a bankable business plan is and how it can help you start a successful enterprise
  • Define your company and identify its initial needs
  • Choose a strategy that will distinguish you company form others
  • Analyze the market to determine who will want your product or service
  • Develop a strong marketing campaign
  • Build a dynamic sales effort
  • Target your funding sources
  • Create a time line
  • Present yourself in the best light!
Business Plans That Work by Janisch Business Plans That Work For Your Small Business, by Troy Janisch, John L. Duoba, Joel Handelsman, Alice H. Magos, and Catherine Gordon [Toolkit Media Group, 2008]. “The essential elements of a professional business plan have been updated in accordance with new laws and regulations in this revised guide that translates complicated marketing and financial concepts into down-to-earth, practical advice. Five updated sample business plans are included with instructions that provide a wealth of detailed information about the operation of a successful small business. Plans are presented for simple one-person operations, as well as for corporations with many employees. Aspiring business owners can learn how to create a professional plan, describe the mission and objectives, analyze the competition, target market, create sales and marketing plans, generate financial statements, and use the business plan as a management tool long after it is completed.”
Entrepreneur’s Guide to Writing Business Plans and Proposals, by Chambers The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Writing Business Plans and Proposals, by K. Dennis Chambers [Praeger Publications, 2007] “Chambers writes with the insightful clarity that he espouses and provides many practical examples of plans and letters, as well as exercises, templates, and cases. His advice provides a useful compendium and is somewhat an Elements of Style (the classic on good writing by William Strunk Jr., 4th ed., 1999) for business plan and proposal writers.” Choice Reviews 2008.
Business Plans - How to Prepare and Implement Them by Erfurt Business Plans – How to Prepare and Implement Them, by Joe Erfurt [AuthorHouse, 2008]. “On what basis do companies prepare their business plans? How do they know that they are maximizing their opportunities as well as limiting their risks with their existing or planned resource base? How can they plan revenue generation if the market mix does not have a foundation in relation to macro environmental factors? The book consists of a 10 stage marketing plan. Each stage has its own chapter that is both chronological and iterative in terms of its impact upon a company’s profit and loss (P and L) statement. The company’s P and L is that which states the revenue one can expect to generate by way of the business plans proposed by way of each marketing plan activity. Added to this is cash flow and the manner in which is corresponds directly with the P and L.”

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