Be the Elephant by Kaplan Be the Elephant: Build a Bigger, Better Business, by Steve Kaplan [Workman, 2006]. “You run a $5-million consulting business, or a three-person bakery with a few corporate clients, or an Internet start-up heading into its sophomore year. You’re a senior partner in a CPA firm, or a daughter taking over the family-owned factory. You’re a sales professional looking to fatten your commission check.

You know that your business is living too close to the edge. You don’t have a lot of flexibility or reserve capital, and profits have to eked out. And while you’re happy not to have the giant headaches of a giant corporation (though you’d love to have the giant income), you’re worried about Incredible Shrinking Business Syndrome…but just thinking about growing gives you the jitters. Welcome to Be the Elephant. Your path to getting bigger, and better, just got a whole lot clearer.”

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