The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Information Technology by Rhoads“Information Technology (IT) refers to the people, processes, hardware, and software that determine the flow of information within an organization.   Companies today can achieve competitive advantages only by ensuring that their IT strategies align with their overall business strategies and propel their businesses forward. The task of formulating technology plans is a complex endeavor, however, and it is further complicated by the tendency of ineffective IT strategies, including badly timed implementations, to jeopardize current and future income and opportunities and hamper the viability of new entrepreneurships.  Rhoads (business, Kutztown Univ.), president and CEO of a technology consulting firm, uses stories from her experiences and quirky language—e.g., “pounce like a panther,” “the hedgehog concept,” and the “bleeding edge”—to stress the importance of executives continually reexamining their IT strategies, and she provides them with practical guidance and methods to minimize risks and maximize benefits. This book is an essential read for business professionals at all levels and can be used as a textbook alternative for an introduction to the management of technology in academic business programs.” LJ August 2008

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Information Technology, by CJ Rhoads [Praeger, 2008].