[Co-sponsored by the Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center.]

Have you been moved out of a career through layoffs or mergers? Longing to be your own boss and follow your dream? Times have changed, and one-person businesses are a permanent part of our new economy. Are you ready to become ‘your business’ and join this fast growing group of entrepreneurs? Let’s enjoy discussing:

  • Learning from others’ successes (books/tapes, workshops, Internet, etc.)
  • Doing your homework/research (markets/competition)
  • Self-assessment (skills, expertise, business idea)
  • Lifestyle changes (working alone, no paycheck, family support, freedom)
  • Legal form of business, licenses, zoning, ID, taxes, write-offs, contracts, etc.
  • Business plan, seed money, working capital, budgets
  • Market research, and target markets
  • Sales/Marketing, cards, Web pages, brochures, networking
  • Setting up shop (supplies, equipment, accounting, etc.)
  • Seven reasons businesses could fail
  • Personal/Professional well-being (support, inspiration, continued learning, time out)”

Presented by Danni Burton.

February 22, 2009 • 9:30am – 4:30pm
2714 Maggini Hall, Santa Rosa Campus

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