Retire - And Start Your Own Business by Sargent “The only book that helps entrepreneurial retirees figure out how to get that dream business up and running! Over 5.5 million people are retired and self-employed. Factor in the coming wave of retiring baby boomers, and that number will leap dramatically. According the recent surveys, nearly 70 percent of older folks plan to keep working after retirement. Packed with practical information and hands-on tools, it will show readers how to:

  • define success for themselves
  • ¬†understand what they want from retirement
  • ¬†take stock of their skills and experience
  • evaluate time and money restraints
  • generate business ideas
  • perform five “reality checks” on the best idea
  • prepare to launch a business
  • understand the legal, financial and tax matters
  • find health insurance
  • Plus: there are more than 80 exercises that help retirees figure out exactly what they want from their businesses and their lives. The CD-ROM also provides six Excel spreadsheets, plus additional worksheets and lessons not included in the book. “

Retire- And Start Your Own Business: 5 Steps to Success, by Dennis J. and Martha S. Sargent [Nolo, 2008].