There are many, many accounting programs available for small businesses, and now there is a website that can help you choose the best for your business or to recommend to a client. Find Accounting Software is a free service that you can use in either of two ways:

  1. Fill out a short online questionnaire tailored to your type of business, then have a brief telephone conversation about the resultsĀ and they will match you with ‘trusted partners,’ based on your project requirements. You remain anonymous until you give permission for your contact information to be released to the suggested vendors.
  2. You can browse their Accounting Software Directory that they haveĀ  “cataloged, categorized, classified, sliced and diced information on hundreds of applications and thousands of top-notch consultants in your area .”

The is a free service of CPA Online and offers this disclaimer: is independent. We’re not affiliated with any software developer, nor do we sell any software. We work for you. So you can count on us to find the best accounting software solution.