Not Everyone Gets a Trophy by Tulgan “Compiling years of research, including interviews with Gen Yers (those born between 1978 and 1990) and the organizations that manage them, Tulgan (Managing Generation X) crafts insightful lessons on how to manage the newest generation to enter the workforce. With extensive quotes from members of Gen Y and their more experienced managers, Tulgan successfully dispels popular myths (e.g., that managers of Gen Y staff need to present their work as fun) and offers practical advice for recruiting, retaining, and managing this new crop of young workers.

While conceding that Gen Yers are more high maintenance than their predecessors, Tulgan also argues that these new recruits have the potential to be the most highly productive generation in history. The author’s assessment is far from sugarcoated; he describes Generation Y as “Generation X on fast-forward and with self-esteem on steroids” and dissects a diverse range of case studies to help managers overcome possible Gen Y obstacles. This book will serve as an effective tool for both veteran managers and self-evaluating Gen Yers. ” LJ , 1/09

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y, by Bruce Tulgan [Jossey-Bass, 2009]