Brand Digital by AdamsonBrand Digital: Simple Ways Top Brands Succeed in the Digital World, by Allen P. Adamson [Palgrave Macmillan, 2008] ” (who should know the subject intimately as a senior executive for a top global advertising-marketing firm),  tackles the mysteries of the Internet universe, dubbed BrandDigital. It’s more storytelling than science, more instinctual than intellectual. Then, again, dot-com addresses offer the opportunity to dialogue with people and share insights and actions through those conversations, admittedly connecting more emotionally than logically and factually. Hear from Unilever’s Dove and its quest-for-beauty campaign, criticized for its authenticity yet still seductive in its celebration of all women, large and small. Read how long-lived icon Betty Crocker has adapted to the net and what Lego realized in its e-transactions?that grown-ups love the creation process, too. The tales alone, divided into six truths and six building blocks, could easily mesmerize readers; the addition of rules and guidelines at the end of each ‘building blocks’ chapter provides readers both structure and tangible actions to help embrace all things Web.” Booklist, August 2008