The Truth About Hiring the Best by Fyock The Truth About Hiring the Best, by Cathy Fyock [Financial Tines Press, 2007]

“Staffing specialist Fyock displays considerable acumen in this guidebook on how to hire the right person for the right job. The critical first step is to know your organizational needs, and whom you need to fill those needs: a risk-taker who embraces change and innovation or a knowledge-hungry, lifelong learner. Fyock then moves on to the practicalities, laying them out with frankness and a propulsive energy in short, bulleted chapters.

The best candidates will likely be passive ones; you have to go get them through talent hunting. There is no shame in rehiring, and it is wise to look in-house first and to tap retirees. Don’t avoid job-hoppers; some spots don’t require long tenures. You have to sell yourself to top prospects, but don’t oversell as you will look desperate (a red flag in both prospects and employers). When it comes to the interview, Fyock notes the importance of probing, though not aggressively so. Don’t put too much emphasis on the resume, for these have a way of attracting plenty of exaggerations, and beware of any incomplete answers on the application. Sharp, necessary words for both employers and prospective employees.” [Kirkus, June 2007]

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