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SCL Biz on Hiatus

It has been my pleasure to share over 640 posts with you since SCL Biz started on March 31, 2007, and I would like to thank all of our readers for your support. Stay tuned for SCL Biz to continue in the near future, in perhaps a slightly different form.
I wish you all health, wealth, happiness, and a prosperous business.

Searching Trademarks

Most of you are probably familiar with TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) from the US Patent and Trademark Office – now there is a website offering free searching (and also for fee services): Search by company name, trademark, category, filing date, or status. You can also search by Logo Themes (handy if you’re looking for inspiration) or look for a patent/trademark attorney.

SCL Biz has mentioned the excellent Entrepreneur Magazine and its website – now they have a website for women with articles, blogs, videos, and more geared toward helping make women successful. Check it out – lots of great information here and it is free.

Forms, Forms, Forms

No one likes them, but they are a necessary part of doing business. If you need a Federal form, either regulatory or voluntary, try, for over 5,000 citizen and business forms. You can do a keyword search or browse by agency or the name of the form.

Looking for a Commercial Vehicle?

Entrepreneur Magazine has a Vehicle Center website with articles to help you choose and buy the perfect set of wheels for your business, as well as links to manufacturer and fleet websites.

Entrepreneur Commercial Vehicle Center

Business Travel Made Easier

Every business traveler knows that traveling for business is different than vacationing with the family., long a help to regular travelers has turned its attention to business trips with a new Business Travel Center. Read hotel reviews with the business traveler in mind, post questions in a discussion forum, check the weather and map meeting locations and nearby services in 750 cities around the world. Business Travel Center 

Looking For Stimulus $$ – It’s Here

The County of Sonoma has a comprehensive webpage describing “how funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is impacting the County of Sonoma.” There is information about both formula and competitive grant funding in different areas (e.g, Transportation, Employment Services, Housing & Community Development, Public Safety, etc.). Details of how the money is being allocated include the Community Impacts for each area, down to the “wearing surface seal coating on approximately 60 miles of arterial & collector highways.”

Economic Recovery | County of Sonoma

Green Business Resource

SCL Biz recently posted about Reuters Small Business News site – they also have a raft of Green Business resources, including articles on green business technology, building, energy, innovation & design, investing, corporate responsibility, and SCL Biz’s favorite: Green Gadgets.

Reuters Green Business News

New Resource for Small Business News & Information

The prestigious Reuters News Service is offering news and articles for small businesses on their Small Business News site. There is also a FindLaw Small Business Resources Center with a series of questions and answers on the basics of starting a business, naming it, business plans, financing, buying an existing business, incorporating, employment law, insurance, and more.

Free Annual Reports

Looking at the annual report of potential customers or suppliers is a great way to get information about the company. Use and search by company name, ticker symbol, or browse by industry to discover new clients. The database claims thousands of annual reports or 10-K presentations, with both US and Canadian companies, and you can get also get a free printed copy. You will have to create a free account.

Breakthrough Business Ideas From The Harvard Business Review

“This year’s HBR List includes ideas that we think are more useful than fanciful, more immediately practicable than speculative. Although we began compiling and winnowing contenders many months ago, we nonetheless did our best to anticipate the context in which you now read them. Thus some of the articles you’ll find here comment directly on the economic crisis, but most of them address other matters that business leaders must contend with: strategic decision making, tapping new markets, finding and keeping top talent, harnessing network effects, dealing with disruptive technologies and business models.”

Harvard Business Review 2009 List of 20 Breakthrough Business Ideas

Thinking of Starting a Business? 10 Things to Think About

If you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur this article will help you evaluate your chances of success:

10 Things to Be Clear About Before You Start a Company

Freelancer? You Need a Monkey on Your Back

Here’s an excellent list of online tools for freelancers – SCL Biz’s favorite: Monkey On Your Back : Allows you to create a to-do-list that you want other people to do.

35 Online Tools That Make Your Freelance Career Easier

NorthBayBiz 2009 Best of Lists Announced

The eagerly awaited annual Reader’s Poll Best of  list has been published in the July 2009 issue of NorthBaybiz and is also available online:

2009 North Bay’s Best

Congratulations to the Winners!

$$ for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Here are three programs to helps vets:

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