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  • Public Relations Made Easy by Roscoe Barnes III. Entrepreneur Pr. 2007. News releases, newsletters, slogans & sales messages, press kits, publicity campaigns, press interviews, testimonials, and tune-up your website for maximum customer exposure.
“In this media-saturated world, advertising sometimes seems to have less and less impact. Younger consumers, in particular, are canny, and suspicious of slick ad copy and spin. How can you get your product noticed? The titular “buzzmarketing,” of course. Hughes pioneered the concept when he served as VP of marketing for Hyping a shoestring start-up is tough—Hughes didn’t have big ad budgets, but he was determined to get the word out, however he could. His new book is chock-full of practical tips.” Kirkus, 9/05.

“After 30 years of agency experience with Madison Avenue firms like Ogilvy and Mather and Young and Rubicam, Parker, who is known for his advertising blogs “” and “,” offers this friendly, informative guide to advertising for small businesses. After outlining how to focus your advertising on your business’s strengths, find your unique selling point and budget appropriately, Parker devotes a chapter each to print, television and new media ad strategies. In the final sections, he discusses how to hire freelancers and agencies, and how to track results. Resources and a glossary round out the book. Beginners will find more useful ideas than an established small business person, though his insider tips (e.g., a list of “Dumb Things You Should Avoid” when advertising, such as ‘trying to associate yourself with things that have no relevance to what you do’) can be very insightful.” PW, 11/06

“Holden is an eBay pioneer, having joined the service back in 1997–ancient history in Internet time–and he has seen the site go through many changes. Increased fees, intense policing by site watchdogs, and complicated policies can make listing on eBay a landmine for inexperienced sellers. This stripped-down handbook provides answers to the questions that sellers new to eBay ask, starting with the biggest one of all: “What should I sell on eBay?” Although there is no definitive answer to that question, Holden provides tips on choosing a product that is right for you, and he offers suggestions on how to contact wholesalers, falling short of giving out any wholesale sources. He covers all the basics, like creating attractive listings, answering customer inquiries, dealing with the complexities of shipping internationally, and handling complaints and returns. Seasoned PowerSellers will appreciate his tips on purchasing keywords, working with an auction service provider, and migrating to one’s own Web site.” Booklist, 10/06

Internet Sites

  • Advertising Age – The Library has a print subscription to this (with issues starting in 1960). This online version requires free registration for some articles, but features the latest news in all aspects of the advertising world.
  • E-Commerce Times – Want to take your business online? Articles for small businesses about all aspects on electronic commerce.
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