Babytime at the Library

New moms and dads: need to get out of the house, but not finding many free places to go with baby?  Come to babytime at the Sonoma County Library.  Many branches hold storytime sessions just for babies and their caregivers.

Calendar of babytime events

Tax forms and tax help

Free tax forms and instruction booklets are available in all regional libraries.

Tax help volunteers are also available in some libraries and other locations around the county, to provide free help with your taxes. 

Search the Library Calendar of Events for tax help times and locations, or call your local library.

Please see the Tax Forms & Information section for  more information.

Update: Only selected forms are available so far.  We received this message from the IRS: "Instructions 1040 and 1040A were released for printing and distribution on January 6, 2011. The impact of this is that these products may not arrive at your location until late January 2011." Until then, you can use the IRS website to download forms we have not yet received.

Travel & geography info

Three new travel and geography resources are available through the library website.

Antique mapAtoZ Maps Online contains thousands of political, physical, outline, environmental, antique, and scientific maps. Some of the specialty maps include bird distribution, tree distribution, earthquake, weather, and volcano maps. Also included are glossaries, crosswords, and geography games.

US Capitol buildingAtoZ the USA is an encyclopedia of US state and country data. It contains more than 120 editorial and image datasets arranged in 23 categories. Included are state animals, plants, stones, and minerals; maps; public and private school listings; photo collections; history, crime, art and culture; and media.

Papua New Guinea currencyAtoZ World Culture covers society and culture for 175 countries. Included is a large collection of images, as well as greetings and courtesies, gift giving, holidays, media, religion, women in culture and business, national cuisine, recipes, stereotypes, maps, flags, and more.