Sonoma Marin Fair Photos

Submitted by krinehart on May 25, 2012 - 5:06pm

Photo No. 7


The Sonoma County Library has approximately 40,000 photographs in its collection. Often times photos are given to the Library with little or  no identifications such as these taken at the Sonoma Marin Fair in Petaluma. If you see anyone you recognize please let us know. Thank you! 

Photo No. 1


Photo No. 6 Judy Herrerias and unidentified man circa 1973

Photo No. 7

Photo No. 8

Photo No. 3

Photo No. 5 Fred Jorgensen (right)

Photo No. 2



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Hi Katherine,
Spoke to Fred Jorgensen (one of those in photo that is identified). He said that photo #7 is Keith Buckman, Santa Rosa FFA, Freshman.

Love these photos!

Hi Sue:

Thanks so much. Bit by bit we are going all these people identified - maybe in time for the Sonoma Marin Fair! Katherine

The sheep judge is Dick Harwood, OR (formerly from CA). He came for dinner several times while he was judging when he was in the area. Son Ken Wagner thinks #8 is Karen (?) Latimore, and #3 is Starla Nahmens.


Hi Edwina - Thank you so much this information! We've added it to our cataloging notes. Take care, Katherine

Photo #1

TL: Allan Johnson TR: Bill Harris BL: Allan Wade BR; ?

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