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Submitted by krinehart on August 18, 2012 - 3:15pm

This morning I was fortunate enough to visit the Sonoma County Archives which is managed by the Sonoma County Library. The Archives are located off of Highway 12 in Santa Rosa at Los Guillicos.  I was looking for blue prints for the Cotati School for a patron which I did - one set drawn in 1911 by Petaluma architect Brainerd Jones (1869-1945) and another dated 1923 prepared by San Francisco architect Norman Coulter (1875-1959) which depicts the building that is currently occupied by Cotati's City Hall and Historical Museum.  Finding the Cotati School plans was great, but there's more  - I also discovered a set of drawings for the  Steuben School which until now I was unaware had been designed by Brainerd Jones. The Steuben School was located at 5250 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa. According to the 2002 Winter Issue of the Rohnert Park Historian, the school was not only a place of learning, but also home to the Steuben Club from the 1930s until the 1950s.

Steuben School as it appeared in 1947. SCL Photo No. 15884

The school was purchased in 1952 by Jack Henninger (1899-1983) who converted it to a residence. Jack's wife, Inger Henninger (1917-2010), lived in the house until 2007. A gold star for the person that can tell me whether the house/school still stands.  

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I just drove by the building, still standing prettily, and it's for sale. I am going to investigate further. Maybe a local historian can document the building before it sells!

Marie McNaughton

That's great news. I'll put the word out. I have heard that Tom Crane who lives on Crane Canyon Road went to school there at some point.

We are the fortunate new owners of this' beautiful home . We welcome any historian, to take a look at our home,we would love to hear more about the history of 5252 Petaluma hill RD.

Jack & Inger were my uncle and aunt. I lost touch with them back in the 80's. I'm curious if there are in family members in the area that you might know of.

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