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Submitted by krinehart on January 11, 2014 - 5:57pm

It's been nearly two months since my last post. Believe me it hasn't been for lack of subjects. I probably have an idea a day for a blog post. Time of course is an issue. I'm challenged in that I find so many things that interest me. Working here at the Sonoma County History & Genealogy Library means I'm constantly coming across photos that literally call out to me begging for further research and sharing. As many of you know I'm not one to just look at an image. I have to investigate it for all the stories it may be able to tell. That investigation often leads to "field visits."

I had an appointment at 9 AM on B Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets in Petaluma which ended at 10 AM. Not having to be at work in Santa Rosa until 12 PM meant I had time to check out a couple of buildings on Kentucky Street that I'd been thinking would be good candidates for a then and now feature.

The results of this mornings sleuthing and an hour worth of research, writing and formatting (believe it or not!) are below. Of course I'd love to share the history of each building - things that can be learned here at the Library, but thought I ought to just get this published and hopefully peak your interest to not only visit the Library, but to take a walk. Be sure to view the rear of 147 Kentucky Street from Telephone Alley.



Then137 Kentucky Street, Petaluma - 1914. SCL Photo No. 35200.

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Your "now" photos have made me realize, this is the time of year to take comparative architectural photos. Trees (though beautiful to look at and providers of welcome Summer shade) block views when full of leaves!

Keep up the good work, Katherine!!

For me, if it's not the trees (which I too love) it's the cars. Invariably the day I set aside to take pictures turns out to be "garbage day." Have found best time to take photos downtown is early Sunday mornings and on holidays.

Love the "then & now" photos! Curious as to whether the "then" photos--particularly of 137 Kentucky give a hint as to the walkway into the store!

Unfortunately not.

Hello Katherine,

I have been trying to find out the business location of my uncle, Robert Conley who operated a coffee/tea business in Petaluma during the 1930's and 40's. Do you happen to have any information regarding where his business was located in downtown Petaluma? Unfortunately, I do not know the exact name, but I'm pretty sure that the name Conley was in the name of the store.

Thanks so much!

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