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Submitted by gskinner on April 29, 2014 - 10:23am
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We have many, many photographs of different subjects in our collection that we can't identify. We're fairly confident they're Sonoma County shots, but beyond that...? Every so often I spot one that I do recognize and strike it from the long list, but most remain mysteries. This week's set comes from a large group of unidentified Sonoma County commercial/industrial buildings -- I think they may be located in Petaluma or nearby -- and I'm hoping someone can pin a name and location to one or more.

1. Warehouses, circa 1940s. Note 1941(?) Studebaker parked in front. Sign on the ground unfortunately obscured by shrubbery, but "W. ...R & Company" is visible. (SCL Photo 6900)

2. School? Office building? Probably circa 1950s or 1960s (SCL Photo 5814)

3. Feed mill? Circa 1950s 0r 1960s. Note mud and sandbags in foreground (SCL Photo 5806)

4. Unidentified warehouses, circa 1960 (SCL Photo 5783)

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I believe that #4 is the warehouses near the RR tracks in SR. Near Western Farm Ctr. and the historic RR round house.

1 and 4 are at west 9th and Donahue in SR's West End.

So much for Petaluma! Thanks for identifying those two -- a great demonstration of the power of crowdsourcing.

A quick look on Google Streetview (since I didn't have time to go in person), reveals that Ken Reid and Spring nailed #4 at the corner of Donahue and Decker; Kernan Coleman correctly located #1 in the same neighborhood. #1, at the corner of West Ninth and Donahue. #1 is especially interesting because the metal-sided warehouses on West Ninth were later torn down by a much larger concrete building that incorporates the original corner warehouse. If I have time, I'll see if I can learn what business occupied these warehouses at the times of the photos.

DeTurk Round Barn, actually. We'll be holding the Sonoma County Wine Library's 25th anniversary celebration there on August 10th, 2014

in Santa Rosa.

Number 4 looks like it was taken from the corner of Donahue and Decker Streets. looking south on Donahue, next to the DeMeo Round Barn.

No. 1 is the Corner of 9th and Donahoue Streets in Santa Rosa No. 2 Looks like th eside of Santa Rosa High School No. 4 is Donahue Street in Santa Rosa

The no.2 picture looks like it may be the Sweed School in Petaluma.

The sign looks like it says Warehouse & C------------Z to me.

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