Wilsey-Bennett Co., Petaluma, Calif.

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Wilsey-Bennett Co. Ships Eggs to London, England

Wilsey & Bennett, Co., yesterday completed packing 500 cases of Petaluma eggs which will go by steamer to London, direct. The firm has secured the entire compartment on the steamer and expect to land the eggs in perfect condition. They were carefully packed and processed for the long trip. The consignment was prepared by Manager I. Bureker. The cases were made by the Frasier box factory. The eggs were shipped under the brand of "Willbefresh" the trademark of the firm's processed eggs. On each case is printed in attractive letters: "Packed in packing house of Wilsey Bennett Co., Petaluma, California." (Source: Petaluma Daily Courier on May 28, 1922)

I believe that there are 180 eggs to a case so that means 90,000 eggs were shipped from Wilsey & Bennett, Co., which was located at 238 Main Street, to London on May 27, 1922 - perhaps that is when this photo was taken.

SCL Photo No. 295
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Regarding the Wilsey-Bennett Company located at 238 Main Street in Petaluma in 1922:

My wife, Jane Wilsey Coyne, passed away on January 8, 2013 at age 60. Her father was John Hayes Wilsey, and her mother was Olga Lofving Wilsey. The family lived on the White Leghorn chicken ranch on Stony Point Road in Petaluma before relocating to San Rafael, CA in 1949.

Do you know the address of the Wilsey's White Leghorn chicken ranch on Stony Point Road in Petaluma? I am told that the White Leghorn Ranch sign is still on the property.

Thank you.

Hi Ed:

I don't know the answer to your question, but will ask around. Meanwhile thank you for the background information on the Wilsey family. Wish I could have met your wife.


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