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Submitted by admin on September 20, 2012 - 4:31pm

Mouse does homeworkKids! Do you need an encyclopedia article for your homework? A biography of Beyoncé? A photograph of a phalarope? A recipe from Romania? A map of Minnesota?

We have online versions of the California missions Fact Cards, the World Book encyclopedia, Wildlife Encyclopedia, and CultureGrams, so you can look up the same facts on your computer at home as you can look up in the reference books at the library.

Our Biography database includes articles from standard Gale biography references. And with Searchasaurus and Student Research Center, you can find magazine and news articles on all subjects.

Check out all our great homework databases, free from anywhere with your library card. Need help getting started, or help with the reference books in the library?  Ask your librarian next time you're in the library. Good luck on your homework!


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