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Submitted by admin on September 15, 2008 - 10:32am

Now, when you search the library catalog for books, movies, or music, a new button appears after each title in your results:
Add to My Wishlist You can use this button to save titles into a wishlist -- perhaps a list of what you've already read, or a list of what you'd like to read. In fact, you can do both, because you can keep up to ten different lists, with up to 30 titles on each list. To see your lists once you've started them, click the link at the top right of the catalog:
My WishlistMy Wishlist Saved titles always go into a list named My List. To put them in a different list, click the box to the left of a title, click the Move To menu, and select [New Wishlist]. You'll get a chance to name the new list. We suggest you log in (My Account) when saving titles into lists. Why? Your wishlist will only be saved for later if you log in. Otherwise it will be cleared out when you leave the catalog or close your web browser. Saved lists remain for six months.

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