Book Review: Harmless

Submitted by teenspace on August 5, 2009 - 1:12pm


Harmless by Dana Reinhardt

Review by Tiffany, Young Adult Librarian, Rincon Valley Library

The voice of the narrator rotates between the three main characters, Emma, Anna and Mariah.  Emma and Anna have been best friends for years and Mariah just started hanging out with them.  Mariah is talked about a lot at school because she is dating a senior from the public high school. One weekend the friends lie to their parents so they can go to a party at Mariah's boyfriend's house.  The lie works and they don't get caught.  So, the next weekend they do it again.  This time they get caught and instead of telling the truth about where they were they tell another lie, a much bigger lie that leads to much more than they expected. Harmless is a realistic story of how one lie can get out of control.  If you like Sarah Dessen or Maureen Johnson you may enjoy Harmless. Don't like to read?  Try the audio book!

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