Book Review: In Mike We Trust

Submitted by teenspace on June 25, 2009 - 5:08pm

In Mike We Trust by Patrick Ryan

Reviewed By Rachel, Library Associate

Garth’s dad drowned in a boating accident over a year ago. As if the pain of loosing his dad weren’t bad enough, imagine how weird it would be to have your dead father’s identical twin brother show up unannounced. Garth’s Uncle Mike appears on the doorstep one night early in summer. At first Garth is glad to have a guy around the house to help out with rent and to stick up for him to Garth’s mom. The best thing about Uncle Mike is that he doesn’t flip put when Garth comes out to him, unlike Garth’s mom who told him to “shelve the issue” until he is older. Garth can’t hide who he really is and Uncle Mike encourages him to be himself. But Mike isn’t all he appears to be and it doesn’t take long before Garth has spun a web of lies he can’t untangle. Soon Garth finds himself jobless, friendless, and dressed in a Superman costume. Could things get any worse? Find out by reading In Mike We Trust by P.E. Ryan.

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