Book Review: The Chosen One

Submitted by teenspace on August 12, 2009 - 4:54pm


The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Review by Tiffany, Young Adult Librarian, Rincon Valley

This heart thumping, thought-provoking book is about Kyra, a thirteen year old girl, who lives on a compound that houses a polygamist community. Her loving father is the husband to three women and Kyra has 20 siblings - not including the two more that are on the way.  Because she has lived in this environment her whole life, it is normal to her.  She loves her sisters and mothers very much and wouldn’t do anything purposely to hurt them.  Everything changes one night when The Prophet comes to their house to proclaim that Kyra must marry Brother Hyrum, her father’s oldest brother, a man who is at least fifty years her elder.  Kyra will be the 7th wife of Brother Hyrum.  Kyra knows this is wrong and that their way of life is wrong, but can she leave her family and run for her life? Note:  There are some disturbing and violent scenes in The Chose One.

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