Book Spot Light: A Teen's Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs

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A Teen's Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs By: Benjamin Selfridge, Peter Selfridge and Jennifer Osburn

Do you want to create your own web page or blog?  Do you want to create an unique myspace or facebook profile?  This book will help you get started.  It has everything from the very basics of HTML to Cybersafety to Blogging and Social Networking Sites.  It even explains terms that may be foreign to you.  Here is what this book has to offer you: 1.  Getting Started:  Your First HTML Page 2.  Fun with Fonts:  Creating an Online Journal 3.  Interesting Images:  Creating a Web Photo Album 4.  Likeable Lists and Terrific Tables:  Making Your Page Look Really Cool 5.  The Really Fun Stuff:  Using Links to Design a Complete Web Site 6.  Publishing Your Work on the Web:  Showing the World what You Can Do 7.  A Little Bit of JavaScript:  The Power of Programming 8.  What's Next? 9.  Meeting and Greeting on the Web:  Building Great Pages on Social Networking Sites (SNS) 10.  Spilling Your Guts:  Blogging and the Creating of Weblogs 11.  Watching Your Back:  Cybersafety

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