Book Spotlight: Ashfall

Submitted by teenspace on May 3, 2012 - 11:11am

Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Review by Phil, Librarian, Cloverdale Branch

When Alex’s family travels out of town for the weekend he plans on ditching his trigonometry homework and playing World of Warcraft – that is until something crashes through the roof of his house. Then the explosions start and communications go down. Soon ash has blanketed the world in an oppressive grey, and with the ash comes marauding bands and chaos. Adrift and alone Alex decides to hightail it out of town to try and find his family. On the road he encounters escaped convicts and people full of distrust. He also finds companionship and hope, but the question is will he find his family? And what will the post ashfall world be like?

Why I picked it up:

Seemed like an engaging premise, and was recommended to me as a read-a-like to Hunger Games.

Why I finished it:

I had to see what happened. I enjoyed the characters and the pacing, and it was chock full of suspense.

I'd recommend it to:

People who enjoyed Hunger Games, or any other apocalyptic or dystopian fiction.


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