Book Spotlight: Emily Post Teen Manners

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Emily Post Teen Manners by Cindy Post Senning, ED.D & Peggy Post

You may be wondering, who is Emily Post?  Why does she care about manners?  Emily Post, who died in 1960, opened the Emily Post Institute in 1946 to teach manners.  Today its operated by third generation family members.  The Post family has published several titles from weddings, table manners, business etiquette to raising polite children. In this small book, Emily Post Teen Manners:  From Malls to Meals to Messaging and Beyond, the Post family creates a manual for teens.  This book has it all:

  • Why Etiquette
  • Keeping in Touch
  • The Manners and Art of Mealtime
  • School Daze
  • Getting a Job or Getting into College
  • Social Savvy
  • Out and About

Emily Post Teen Manners does a good job of explaining why we need etiquette, what it is, and how you can achieve it.  The passage on the history of the word etiquette is very interesting. "A French Word From Yesterday for Today In the seventeenth century King Louis XIV had a magnificent chateau with beautiful gardens and parks all around it.  Often, when he hosted parties, people would walk all over the grass, pick the flowers, wade in the fountains, and leave litter behind.  They didn't have formal gardens and parks at their own houses and didn't know how to behave.  The head gardener went to the king in great distress and asked what he could do to keep things nicer.  They decided to put up little signs all the over the place:  Keep on the Paths, Enjoy the Flowers, But Please Don't Pick Them, Stay Out of the Fountains, Please don't Litter.  The French word for "little sign" or "ticket" is etiquette."  (Page 2)

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