Book Spotlight: How to Say Goodbye in Robot

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How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford

Review by Rachel, Healdsburg Branch

Bea just moved to Baltimore with her parents when her dad's job transferred to Johns Hopkins University.  Her family has moved around so much that Bea has never realy felt a part of anything.  She finds comfort in late night call in radio shows.  You know the ones-calls about UFO sightings, earthquake predictions, aging Elvis fans, futurists, and lonely hearts.  Bea listens to the callers and their strange interests until late into the night.  At her new school where she will complete her senior year, Bea meets a strange boy named Jonah who the other kids call a ghost.  Ever since tragedystruck Jonah's family in third grade, he's been nearly silent and has had hardly any friends.  But Bea and Jonah have a lot in common, especially their love for the local Night Lights Radio Show.  Finding a friend in a time when you need one the most can be the most powerfuly thing in your life.  Bea finds such a friend in Jonah and together they endeavor to solve a mystery that has plagued Jonah since third grade. I stayed up all night reading this book, not unlike Jonah and Bea with their radio show.  I found the characters memorable and well drawn.  The story shows you people's true character, doesn't just tell you.  Note that this book may be best enjoyed by older teen readers as there are some four letter words and under aged drinking.  If you like books by John Green then you'll like How to Say Goodbye in Robot.

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this book is romantic and full of adventure between to friends that want to become but are torn away from each other. this is a must read and if dont then you will never know the secret of this story.

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