Book Spotlight: I Hunt Killers

Submitted by jill on August 10, 2013 - 1:05pm

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga


     Jasper (Jazz) is the son of the worst serial killer that has ever been recorded, Billy Dent.  Unfortunately for him, his father raised him with all the knowledge that a serial killer needs – how to use any kind of weapon, how to select and lure a victim away, how to pick locks and insure privacy for committing torture and murder.  Jazz tries to prove to himself and society that he is just another normal teenager but he can’t get his father’s crimes out of his head and his worst fear is that he might turn out just like his dad.  Billy has been in jail for years, but when the killings start up again in his hometown, Jazz tries to help the police catch the culprit, even when it requires him to confront his father in prison.

     The book is exciting and fast-paced although the content is quite disturbing in parts.  The discussion of torture and murder, while not terribly graphic, is certainly enough to give the reader the creeps.  Jazz is a very likeable character and readers will find themselves rooting for him to succeed!  I get the feeling that this book might turn into a series and I will be looking for future installments to find out what happens to Jazz and how many more killers he will catch.

     This book was nominated for the Teen Top Ten of 2013!

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